Your trusted partner for litigation, investigations, data breach response, information governance, and M&A due diligence.

Proactive planning and agile advocacy for all stages of litigation and investigation.

  • Clear Communication
    There is often disconnect between legal and IT functions during complex discovery. We translate “legal-speak” to “IT-speak” and vice versa.
  • Aligned Expectations
    Thorough and open discussions throughout the process mitigate 11th hour surprises.
  • Progress Updates
    Proprietary software means in-house legal teams, outside counsel, and the document review team all share visibility for progress on budgets, timelines, and key documents.
Proactive planning and agile advocacy for litigation and investigation.
protect your business

Information Governance

Crafting, implementing, and enforcing a proactive Information Governance policy substantially reduces downstream costs. Thorough planning enables you to defensibly reduce spend on subsequent collection, processing, review, and hosting. We work with relevant business, IT, and legal stakeholders to ensure revenue-generation is not inhibited, appropriate hardware and software controls are in place, and the organization is protected.
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Proactive information governance consulting
eDiscovery and EDRM management to maximize relevance
Maximize relevance


Proteus manages every stage of the EDRM. From custodian identification and interviews, to collections, processing, review, and production, we have the experience you need. We regularly advise on discovery drafts, establish protocols, provide expert testimony, and work with complex databases. eDiscovery is our core competency so you can focus on yours.
We have a deep bench of experience with several commercial eDiscovery Platforms, including Relativity and Everlaw.
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Document Review

This is where the rubber meets the road. Frequently, document review projects are the biggest expense and the biggest source of frustration in the attorney-client relationship. Our platform-agnostic review team combines technology assisted review with traditional project management practices to ensure your project meets deadlines and budgets. Plus, each project is delivered with a forensically-sound, well-documented “defensibility binder” for your litigation team. Traditional methods or secure remote reviews are no problem. Let us balance the art and science of document reviews.
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Fast and defensible Document Review

Battle-tested judgement and expertise.

“The Proteus teams’ insights and consultative approach have been invaluable in multiple complex matters.”
In-house Counsel

Proteus helps drive better business outcomes.

Leverage bleeding-edge technology
Efficiency is driven through our ability to keep our clients fully informed of our progress and fully informed of any problems as they arise. Given the fast paced nature of our work, clear, concise communication is key to creating nd managing an efficient, successful project. Proteus embraces technologies to keep our clients involved in each aspect of a project. We utilize Microsoft Teams and Basecamp to keep our clients up to date on each aspect of our engagements.
70 years of eDiscovery experience
Our founders have over 70 years of experience being on the front line of litigation ranging from antitrust securities litigation to white collar criminal investigations. We understand the importance of eDiscovery and getting things right the first time. In litigation, it is easy for the litigation to become about discovery. We pride ourselves on minimizing cases being about discovery. This laser focus allows merits counsel to focus the merits of the case and helps clients better allocate spend to defending or prosecuting the case.
Delivering results for our clients
We blend TAR, disciplined project management techniques, and real-world experience in business, IT, and legal leadership positions to deliver results for our clients.

Move quickly, avoid mistakes.

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