eDiscovery largely emerged as a result of email replacing paper communications. Today, the concept of "documents" is being replaced by "data." Short message communications like text messages, collaboration apps like Teams and Slack, and encrypted and ephemeral messaging platforms like Discord and WeChat are growing exponentially. Each data source requires unique considerations for defensible collections, and we can recommend the path that balances defensibility, speed, and cost.

Digital Data Collection

From targeted ESI collections to full forensic imaging and analysis, our procedures are documented, defensible, and available across the country. We can collect remotely or on site depending upon the needs of the case. We offer each of the following:

  • On-site or remote data collection
  • Encrypted hard drives
  • Chain of custody and documented acquisition workflow
  • Cloud-based, collaboration app, and social media collections
  • M365 (Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, and more)
  • Mobile devices (cell phones, tablets)

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