Our roots are in managed document review, and over the past decade we have completed projects in Relativity, RelativityOne, Reveal, Everlaw, Logikcull, DISCO, iCONECT, IPRO, and more. Even if your data is not hosted with us, we can plug in and uncover the documents that need your attention.

To protect privilege and ensure a sophisticated understanding of the matter at hand, Proteus engages only US-based and licensed attorneys – we do not outsource or offshore. Further, you will not be insulated from our team during the review. We utilize collaboration software to ensure questions are surfaced, answered, and documented to provide you a defensible record of decisions.

With the emergence of Generative AI in addition to the longstanding options of TAR (Technology Assisted Review) and CAL (Continuous Active Learning), we can help you cut through the fog and explain what the technology is, how it works, and whether it's appropriate for your case. 

We were founded to help litigators and corporate clients receive a defensible, affordable eDiscovery work product. We can help you, too.

Reliable. Relationships. Results.