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Below is a sample list of CLEs we have presented to bar associations, paralegal associations, litigation practice groups, and corporate legal teams.

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All presentations are customizable per your request, and all presenters are licensed attorneys and/or CEDS professionals.

ediscovery 101

eDiscovery 101

This course surveys topics including definitions and concepts, the role of counsel according to the FRCP and state rules, legal holds, ESI requests and responses, custodian interviews, protocols, and more.

Available in 60 or 120 minute sessions.

collaboration data ediscovery

Analysis Paralysis: Sifting through ESI During Litigation and Investigations

The "explosion of data" isn't just marketing-speak from eDiscovery vendors. This course discusses ways to prioritize ESI for collection, potential cost-saving measures during processing and review, and explains considerations for DIY vs. partnering with a managed review provider.

This is a 60 minute course.

data breach ediscovery

Defensible Data Breach Response

This overview discusses a threat actor's potential motivations, how to find potentially compromised PII and HIPAA data, and maintaining compliance with notification requirements.

This is a 60 minute course.

ediscovery case law

eDiscovery Case Law

From foundational case law as discovery became eDiscovery to recent cases involving new forms of technology (e.g. ephemeral data and collaboration apps), this course will help inform your ESI requests and responses.

This is a 60 minute course.

O365 ediscovery

Microsoft O365

What are E3 and E5 licenses? What data is available, and where is it stored? What can I handle myself and when should I engage a collections partner?

This is a 60 minute course.

legal holds

Legal Hold Management

What triggers a duty to preserve? What must be preserved, and how does that impact document retention policies? What are counsel's responsibilities, and what are the components of a defensible legal hold? How are they best communicated and managed?

This is a 60 minute course.

This information is presented for educational purposes only.  Proteus will work with attendees on receiving continuing legal education credit for these presentations but makes no claim regarding the availability of receiving CLE credit for these presentations.  Further, nothing discussed during the course or these presentations or provided as educational material should be considered the provision of legal advice, nor should it be instructive regarding any potential outcome for any litigation, claim, arbitration, or investigation.  To the extent you are seeking legal advice, please consult with an attorney.