Document review

The best way to reduce document review costs
is to not review the document at all.

  • Traditionally, document review has been the longest and most expensive part of the eDiscovery process. As litigators, we know this phase has the potential to cause heartburn and tension in the attorney-client relationship. 
  • We train review software on a subset of the document corpus so that the software can learn what is relevant, what is privileged, and what needs to be reviewed by human eyes. After refining the model, we can significantly reduce the number of hours required for review. When we started doing this in 2015, it was novel; it is quickly becoming the industry standard.  

    Our team of US-based licensed attorneys perform secure remote reviews, and our reviewer quality rankings match attorneys to case matters in which they are most familiar and well-suited.  

    Some providers plug you into their workflows, but our platform-agnostic team has completed document review projects in DISCO, Everlaw, iCONECT, ipro, Logikull, Relativity, Summation, Viewpoint, and Kroll Ontrack, among others. We can host matters in our secure instance of RelativityOne or perform reviews in client accounts for any review platform.

    For large-scale reviews in Relativity, many of our clients use DiscoveryMaster to keep the corporate legal teams and outside counsel on the same page. This reporting platform creates visual dashboards so everyone has real time access to key findings, budgets, and estimated completion timelines. DiscoveryMaster prevents projects from becoming expensive black holes. 
  • Our approach applies best practices from business operations and project management. Catching and correcting concerns early results in budgets being maintained and court-ordered production deadlines being met. Early project monitoring often leads to discussions about the coding palette with the legal team or addressing a training issue with an individual reviewer. 
    Ultimately, because of our roots as an in-house vendor to a small law firm we still support today, we understand the critical importance of a work product that is defensible and repeatable.
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